Whether you want to learn to skate for pleasure or recreation, perform on an outdoor rink, or in front of millions of television viewers, Newton FSC has a program for you.  We even offer a skating program catered to hockey players!  Each program is structured to allow participants to master technical skills at their own rate while acquiring all the necessary skills to make steady progress. 

All of our programs are taught by 3M-NCCP Certified Professional Coaches, which guarantees quality instruction and a fun experience for your children and inspires confidence for parents.  We use a range of awards and incentives for skaters at all levels to provide both motivation and recognition.

CanSkate (Monday @ Newton Arena & Wednesday @ Fleetwood Arena) Star 1, 2, 3 & 4 Multi Open

Star 1, 2, 3 & 4
Program Requirements: Monday & Wednesday @ Fleetwood Arena Thursday *& Friday @ Newton Arena
Ages: All ages

This is the new Skate Canada program that will replace Prelimary and Jr. Bronze levels. Skaters will participate in a group lesson coached by one of our Professional Coaches. Skaters will be evaluated during their regular sessions, rather than having to wait for a test day and an external judge/evaluator. This will enable skaters to progress more quickly as testing will be ongoing and skaters will move through the levels as soon as they are ready.